The American Flag Patriot Urn

An American Flag urn for those who have served and those who love The United States of America.

A high-quality American Flag urn is about giving your loved one the respect they deserve.

The American Flag Urn is a beautiful way to honor and remember your loved one and pay tribute to their memory. This patriotic urn will help you express your feelings in a way that words simply can’t. It will become a meaningful part of the final farewell memories you create with family and friends. Let us help you find the perfect Memorial urn that best represents your loved one’s spirit and personality

American Flag Urn front

The American Flag Urn is an adult-sized urn that will accommodate a person with a healthy weight of 290 pounds. It comes with a water-dissolvable bag that goes inside the urn and a tube of glue to seal the access hatch. 


THE American Flag Patriot URN

The American Flag Urn is designed for patriots. It is a beautiful piece of art that represents the memories of your loved one and their love for the United States of America. It honors their dedication and service. 

The gentle ebb and flow of the waves will give you comfort as you part. The colorful hues of the waves, as they wash over the urn’s patriotic design, will remind you of your loved ones’ dedication. Each time you return to the special place hallowed by their memory, you will find solace.

I looked all over for something that would honor the memory of my father who was in the Navy.
I am so glad that you created this item for people like him
Verified Customer
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