The American Flag Patriot urn 

The American Flag Patriot Urn is a folded American Flag urn. It is designed for those who have served and for those who love the United States of America. Use this American flag urn as a part of the memorial service or in a ceremony similar to a flag retirement ceremony. This is a great option for a water burial for those who served at sea.  It can also be a part of the memorial service and then buried.

The American Flag Urn.

The American Flag Urn is about giving your loved one the respect they deserve and creating one last memory.


The Memorial

A memorial is a time to remember the love you shared with your loved one and pay tribute to them. But it is more than that. AT Everista Memorials, we view it as the last chance to make one more memory of your loved one. The right urn will help you express your feelings in a way that words can’t. It will add to the memories you create with family and friends during this final farewell to your loved one and help to create a memorial event worthy of them.


The American Flag Patriot urn is Biodegradable

The American Flag Patriot urn is designed to be used for both traditional and water burials. It is a biodegradable urn and will completely break down into non-toxic elements. While it is designed to break down, it is also designed to be displayed in your home until you are ready for your final memorial and the permanent placement of the urn.


Our urn is Earth Friendly

We have taken the time to create an urn that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. All of the materials are environmentally friendly. We use recycled paper, and materials that are earth friendly to create an urn that will break down completely into inert materials. Even the glue we use is natural and free from plastic.


Our Garauntee

If you are not completely satisfied we will give you a full refund_ we want your association with us to be worry and hassle-free.  Please see our return policy for more details.





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American Flag Patriot Urn

The American Flag Patriot Urn is an adult-sized American Flag urn that will accommodate a person with a healthy weight of 290 pounds. We provide a water-dissolvable bag that goes inside the urn and a tube of glue to seal the access hatch.  These urns are handmade in the United States.  

$450.00 ex. Tax

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