Christ sculpture -Come Unto Me

This Christ sculpture is a Limited edition casting of Jesus Christ with a Sacred Heart standing in an arch. It is 23 inches tall and 15 1/2 inches wide.

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This Christ sculpture is a representation of Jesus Christ within an arch.  The arch is an old symbol that has many meanings. The arches’ primary purpose is to allow an opening in a wall. The fall of Adam created a barrier between us and heaven. The arch is the symbol used to show that Christ has created a way for us to pass through that barrier.  Christ is often referred to as the keystone the principle stone that makes the building of an arch possible. Without a keystone the arch crumbles. Arches were also used as a symbol of victory. The Triumphal Arch of Rome still stands to this day. But long after it has fallen, Christ’s victory over death and hell will remain. Arches also signify access into sacred spaces. And lastly, Arches represent rebirth, or leaving the old behind and entering into the new.  Christ standing in the arch with open arms is an invitation to leave our sinful lives behind and come unto him and be reborn as members of his kingdom.

This is a limited edition faux bronze casting. The artist version of this sculpture is limited to 25.




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