Our Religious urns are Christian urns featuring Del Parson’s images of Christ.

Our Biodegradable religious urns with Del Parson’s Christian artwork can be personalized.  You can add an epitaph as well as, names, and dates. Regarding the print- We print on high-quality environmentally-friendly inkjet photo paper. This ensures the image will look great until you are ready for the urn’s final placement.  Use our format for the epitaph or customize it. Use any words you would like.  

Our Religious urns are high-quality urns

Our high-quality religious urns with a Del Parson print are about giving your loved one the respect they deserve and creating one last memory. Everista Urns are hand-crafted and customizable so you can create a memorial event worthy of your loved one. We want our urns to look beautiful until they are placed in their final resting place, regardless of how long that may be. We print on high-quality environmentally-friendly inkjet photo paper. This ensures the image will look great until you are ready for the urn’s final placement.


Why do we have Memorials?

The name says it all.  Memorials are about remembering. But memorials are not just about remembering our loved ones. And they are definitely not about the memories in our heads. The events we carry in our heads, our memories, are just superficial. Those memories and events, matter very little. It is the memories we carry in our hearts that matter. Our hearts are where our deepest memories live. It is not the event that counts. It is the emotion that goes with it that matters. That is why memorials are important. We need memorials when we feel pain. Especially the pain we feel when a loved one passes. We describe that pain as leaving a hole in one’s heart. That is because our loved ones have a piece of our hearts. When they leave a piece of our heart goes with them. Hearts can break physically. But the most lasting pain is when they are broken emotionally. A memorial helps fill the void and heal the heart. We fill that empty space with memories of our loved ones. We use our faith in Christ as a salve for the wound. The love and support of family and friends during this time fill the remaining spaces.  Memorials are where we begin to heal from the loss of our loved one. They fill our hearts with memories, hope, and love which we carry with us until we are reunited with our loved ones.  

Religious urns with an image of Christ is a statement of faith and hope.

An Urn is more than just a receptacle for ashes. It is the physical embodiment of the love, respect, and honor we have for the deceased. Religious urns with an image of Christ add to that an expression of faith and hope. The words spoken at the memorial will fall from memory.  But the feelings of love, hope, and comfort they convey will not. Often, the right words are hard to find when dealing with the loss of a loved one.  Religious urns with an image of Christ express your faith and feelings in a way words can’t. A Christian urn is a reminder this parting is only temporary.  

What is important about the shape?

We choose the shape of our urns carefully. They add meaning to the urn and help transform it from a mere receptacle to a statement. The Keystone is the most important stone of an arch. Without a keystone, the arch does not work. It is also important to note, that arches create openings that allow access.  When building in stone, Arches let light in.  Arches represent stability and reliability. The keystone of an arch bears and distributes the weight of the wall above it. An arch cannot exist without a keystone. This makes it an ideal shape for a Christian urn. It reminds us he is the keystone of our lives. It is Christ who bears our burdens and lets light into our lives.  

Biodegradable and Earth-Friendly

Our religious urns are biodegradable. You can use them for water or traditional burials. they are also designed to be displayed in your home.  Display your urn until you are ready to permanently place it in a meaningful location. That is why we took the time to create an urn that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Our religious urns are made with recycled paper and materials that are earth-friendly and will break down into completely inert materials. Even the glue we use is natural and free from plastic.    

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied we will give you a FULL REFUND – We want your association with us to be worry and hassle-free. If you are not completely satisfied with your Everista urn, just return it for a full refund.

Religious Urns-Del Parson Picture Urns

The Religious urn is an adult-sized urn that will accommodate a person with a living weight of up to 200 pounds or can be used as a companion urn. It comes with a water-dissolvable bag that goes inside the urn and a tube of glue to seal the access hatch.
  • Handmade in the United States
  • All of the materials are Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for land and water burial.

$365.00 ex. Tax

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