Viking Ship Urn-Biodegradable

The Viking Ship Urn is an adult-sized urn that will accommodate a person with a healthy weight of 230 pounds. It comes with a water-dissolvable bag that goes inside the urn and a tube of glue to seal the access hatch. These urns are handmade in the United States. Both Painted and unpainted versions are available. All of the materials are environmentally friendly.


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The Viking ship urn is the perfect choice for a burial at sea or a Viking funeral pyre.

There are many aspects of a Viking Funeral that are not legal or practical in our modern world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t send your loved one off like a Viking chief or Warrior. A Viking ship urn is the answer.  Our Viking ship urn comes with a fire-making kit,  a customizable sail, and painted shields. 


The Viking Ship Urn was designed to help you create a memorial event worthy of your loved one.

A Memorial is a time to remember the love you shared with your loved one and pay tribute to them. But it is more than that. A memorial is the last chance to make one more memory of your loved one.

The Viking Ship Urn is a key element for a Viking-themed memorial. It will help you express your feelings in a way words can’t. It becomes a representation of the love and regard you have for the deceased, and is a reflection of their passions or personality. A Viking funeral is a great way to create meaningful memories with family and friends as you pay your respects to your loved one.


 We now have shields available for the ship. 

You can get shields for the Viking ship urn in a simple brown color to match the ship or painted. The color scheme for the shield is simple. The colors we use are Red, Yellow, and Black.

For Vikings Colors Were Significant:

Red- Strength, and sometimes danger and hostility. Red was the color of war.

Yellow- Earthly power and a strong will able to manifest one’s desire. 

Black was associated with death. the binding of the living to the dead.

Red and yellow were also associated with wealth since the pigment that was used to make those colors had to be imported.

A Viking ship with Red and black shields landing on your shore usually meant the Vikings were intent on war.


About The Sail.

While many options for sail material are available, we decided to make our sail out of printable paper. We used paper because it breaks down easily without leaving toxic residue and it is easy to customize. Using paper allows you to customize the sail with a picture, name, saying, or all of the above. 


Customizing the sail of your Viking Ship Urn

Customizing the sail is easy. Select the Customize Sail option along with the boat preference when you order. Click on the customization box and fill out the contact information. We will only use your information to contact you with any questions or clarifications regarding your preferences. If you have a picture or other image you would like on the sail you can upload it in the image loader.  Also enter any other directions, preferences, or wording you would like us to include on the sail in the comment box. If you don’t have an image yet just note that in the comments box and you can send it by email.


Once we receive your artwork and preferences we put them into our sail template and send you a picture of how will look for your approval. Adding images to the sail only delays the shipping by a day or two. We usually process them the day we get them and shave them ready for your approval by the next day.



We have taken the time to create an urn that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. We use recycled paper and materials that are earth-friendly to create urns that will break down into completely inert materials. Even the glue we use is natural and free from plastic.


If you are not completely satisfied

We will give you a FULL REFUND – We want your association with us to be worry and hassle-free. If you are not completely satisfied with your Everista urn, just return it for a full refund.


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Viking Ship with Shields

Viking Ship, Viking Ship with Colored Shields, Viking ship with shields

Customize Sail

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