Paper Mache Cremation Urns

Paper Mache cremation urns are becoming a common item available for those who are looking for Biodegradable, earth-friendly urns. Did you know there is more than one type of paper mache?


What are the different types of Paper Mache?

Paper Mache is a versatile craft material that can be used to create a variety of objects, from simple decorations to intricate sculptures. Arabic Paper Mache boxes and the paper Mache used for piñatas are two common types of paper Mache. They have the same name, but they are very different from each other. Throughout this article, we refer to Arabic Paper Mache as Fine Paper Mache and the type used for piñatas as regular, common, or normal Paper Mache.


What is the difference between Fine Paper Mache and Regular Paper Mache?

The main difference between Arabic Paper Mache boxes and the Paper Mache used for piñatas is the materials and techniques used to make them. Fine Paper Mache is typically made from a mixture of paper pulp, glue, and water. The paper pulp is made from recycled paper. The pulp gives the boxes a strong and durable finish. It can also be cast into intricate shapes. This makes it an excellent material for making paper mache cremation urns. Regular Paper Mache, on the other hand, is typically made from a mixture of flour and water. This type of Paper Mache is lighter and more brittle than Fine Paper Mache, making it better suited for making hollow objects like piñatas.


The finish is also different.

Another difference between Fine Paper Mache and common Paper Mache is the finish. Arabic Paper Mache items are typically painted or decorated with a variety of materials, such as beads, sequins, and glitter. This gives the items a bright and festive appearance.  Regular Paper Mache, on the other hand, is typically painted with tempera paint and is often decorated with brightly colored paper. One of the main things made from regular Paper Mache is Piñatas. Piñatas are meant to be broken, so fine finishes, elaborate painting, decoration, and high strength are not needed.


Fine Paper Mache has a different use than common Paper Mache.

Fine Paper Mache boxes are typically used for decorative purposes. They can be used to store jewelry, trinkets, or other small items. They are also used as decorative accents in a room.  Here is a picture of a Paper Mache box made in the 1840s.

See this box at the Antiques Road Show 


What is Common Paper Mache used for?

Common Paper Mache, on the other hand, is typically used for festive occasions, such as birthdays and holidays. As mentioned earlier, Piñatas are the most recognizable common paper mache item. But other decorations and fun sculptures are made with it.  You can also find paper mache cremation urns made of this less durable material. The advantage of this material is that it is light, inexpensive, and easy to make.  The disadvantage is that it is not very durable and breaks easily. Which is why it is great for Piñatas.


Why did we choose Paper Mache for our Cremation urn?

Paper Mache can be made using biodegradable materials that break down quickly and leave no toxic elements in the environment.  Not all paper Mache recipes are environmentally friendly. Paper Mache that uses glue rather than natural materials like flour or starch as a binder, will leave PVA (plastic) behind when it breaks down.


Everista’s Biodegradable Paper Mache Cremation Urns are made with Fine Paper Mache

Everista’s Paper Mache.

Our Paper Mache cremation urns needed to be made with a material we could cast. We wanted to make an urn that was both beautiful and durable. And we definitely didn’t want an urn that looked like a piñata or cheap Paper Mache. Common Paper Mache is just not very classy and seems less dignified than Fine Paper Mache.

After months of research and development, we were able to create a Fine Paper Mache material that could be used to make paper mache cremation urns that were both durable and beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. We did extensive testing to make sure our material would break down quickly, and be environmentally safe when buried on the land or in the water.

We focused on durability so your paper mache cremation urn could be displayed until you are ready to place it in its final resting spot.  Following the tradition of Fine Paper Mache artists in the Far and Middle East we use ground paper, clay, and plaster to create a fine and durable finish. Our special combination will not break down until buried or placed in water.

We also make our own special blend of paint to replace the lacquer finish typically found on Fine Paper Mache boxes. Our paint is not as shiny as lacquer. But it gives our paper mache cremation urns a soft slightly polished finish. This makes it look like polished stone or wood. Its main advantage is it is not waterproof like lacquer, so it allows our urns to break down more easily.

Now you you the difference between common Paper Mache and Fine Paper Mache please have a look at our Paper Mache cremation urns and see what makes them different.


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