Photo Cremation Urn-4 Styles Available

The Photo Cremation urn

The photo cremation urn is an adult-sized urn. The Mandorla and coffin urn will accommodate a person with a living weight of up to 240 pounds The Shield and Keystone urns are slightly smaller and will accommodate a person with a living weight of 200 pounds.


  • 4 fully customizable Designs
  • Available in 7 Colors
  • Add your own picture
  • Personalize the Epitaph, Name, Date of Birth, and Date of Passing.
  • This photo cremation urn is handmade locally in the United States.
  • All of the materials are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for Land and Sea Burials.

$350.00 ex. Tax


Please upload your photo

Select filesDrag file/directory here

How to select and customize your Photo Cremation Urn.

Choose The color and style of your urn

Choose the color and style of your photo cremation urn by clicking on the color and style shown in the picture boxes. The selected style will have a black border around it. Once you have selected one of each you will see your urn style in the proper color in the main picture window. 

Unfortunately, we do not have an editor that will allow you to edit your picture to fit the urn style you pick. So you will not be able to preview the urn with your uploaded Photo on it. But we have included photos on the urns so you can see what your photo cremation urn will look like.

 Upload your photo 

After you have submitted your picture, we will edit it to fit the urn and send you a preview of how it will look.  If important elements of the photo are not in the preview just let us know and we will make the necessary changes. Do keep in mind the shape of the urn when selecting your photo as it will determine what can be included. For the best print, please make sure you send a high-quality image that is around 8 inches by 10 with a resolution of 300 dpi or better.

Using The Entry Fields

You can enter the required information in the fields. If you do not want a field to appear on the urn do the following.

  • For Dates: enter zeros for all the all of the values.
  • For names or epitaphs Type in NONE.

The epitaph field 

You can put as many words in the epitaph field as you like. The keystone urn in the style section has a poem instead of an “Epitaph”  We will fit the words you want on the urn in a way that we think is most pleasing. We will submit the final picture with all of the elements to you for your approval. If you do not like the way we have placed the items just let us know and we will fix it. Again we ask that you keep in mind that the shape of the urn and the composition of the picture will limit and influence the placement of the elements.

This Photo Cremation urn is Biodegradable.

This is a biodegradable photo cremation urn. Looking at this beautiful urn it is easy to think it is just for display. But this urn is different from other urns for ashes. That is the point. This urn is beautiful and unique. It is a piece of art that also happens to be an urn. We designed it to be displayed until you are ready to say goodbye. When you are ready for your final farewell and choose the spot to place it, do so knowing it won’t harm the environment.

Why get an urn if you are just going to bury it or place it in the water?

Like a casket, an urn is a symbol of the love and respect you have for the deceased. In fact, a customizable photo cremation urn is even more meaningful because you can’t personalize a coffin or traditional urn. It can be hard to find the right words to express how you feel. But a personalized urn with the right picture on it can express how you feel in a way words can’t. In addition, our biodegradable urn is designed for both traditional burial and water burial. But it is durable enough to be displayed in your home until you are ready to place it in its final resting spot. If can like to read more on this topic please check out our article:  Is Cremation Better Than Burial?

Photos help us Grieve

As mentioned in our article pre planning a cremation The things that connect us to our lost loved one help us. Those things fill the void in our hearts with memories and hope. Pictures play a big role in helping us heal from loss. And can be a great source of comfort. If you would like to learn more about how pictures help us recover from grief check out this article in psychology today. Grief and the Use of Photographs

About the photo

We use high-quality inkjet photo paper that is environmentally friendly. 

About the Photo Cremation urn.

We have taken the time to create an urn that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. The Photo Cremation urn uses recycled paper and materials that are earth-friendly to create urns that will break down into completely inert materials. Even the glue we use is natural and free from plastic.  To learn more about how our urns are made, please click the link: Paper Mache Cremation Urns.

What is important about the shape?

If you would like to know more about the traditional meaning of each of our shapes please see our article: More than just a pretty a shape.

If you are not completely satisfied

We want your association with us to be worry and hassle-free. If you are not completely satisfied with your Everista urn, just return it for a full refund. 

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Photo Urns Styles

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